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Wood Trade Species Specification Conditions Furniture Handicraft,Gift Agar & Sandalwood

We are professional because our solid knowledge of timber ensures the quality of the exports to China and Our Team has been trading in woods business since 2000.

We focus on the tropical hardwood trade: mostly with african round logs & lumber; we also export european woods at same time.

We have different specification request for different woods species. please contact with us about details information.

we are glad to cooperate with any serious companies but we have some basic conditions requests in woods trade business & especial for a new partner:

We strong cooperate with the chinese local Furniture manufactory ensures the quality of the Furniture exports from China.

Our Handicraft product range includes various other items that could be given as gifts. Our products carry our own brand name but we can easily adapt them to include our customers' own logo/brand name.

Agarwood or gaharu and Sandalwood are names for the worlds most valuable incense. This resinous material is produced by tropical rainforest trees and has been used for centuries as incense, in traditional medicine and Handicraft.

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