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Company Register Nr: FN 336650 z


We provide quality products with competitive price and excellent service.

the actual & detail information of the Products please only contact with us

African wood

European wood

Others wood

Awoura, Bilinga, Bubinga

Pao rosa,Padouk,Sapele


Pao ferro,Monzo,Chanato

white ash logs & lumber

beech logs & lumber

white oak logs & lumber

maple logs & lumber

Purpleheart, Shibadan

Palo Santo,cocobolo

Vietnam Padauk,maidu

Burma padauk,chingchan



Agar & Sandalwood

Chinese Furniture

Euro-Style Classic Furniture

Modem Panel Furniture

Other wooden products

Wood Crafts

Other Gifts & Crafts

Holiday Gifts & Decoration

Agarwood block & chips

Sandalwood block & chips

Agar& Sandalwood product

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